Top 5 Ice Cream Plastic Packaging Benefits in Malaysia

Undeniably, plastic packaging is extremely beneficial in the food packaging industry. In particular, ice cream plastic packaging benefits ice cream manufacturers in Malaysia. 

Here, we’ll dive into 5 essential ice cream plastic packaging benefits.

But First, Which Type of Plastic Should You Use?

A popular choice for ice cream packaging (both container and lid) is Hi-density Polyethylene or HDPE. HDPE is chosen due to its durability, flexibility, and resistance to cold temperatures. 

What’s more, HDPE is lightweight, which makes it easier to transport the product as well as plays a significant role in reducing shipping costs. Meanwhile, for ice cream bars or popsicles, you can choose from a myriad of plastic films. 

These films can be decorated with attractive graphics to make your product more appealing. It’s worth noting that most ice cream packaging uses a single type of plastic, so customers can recycle them with minimal effort.

5 Ice Cream Plastic Packaging Benefits

1. Withstands Extreme Environments

A significant advantage of using plastic rather than paper is that plastic is able to stand freezing temperatures. As mentioned above, HDPE is great as it can help maintain your product’s quality during the refrigeration process. 

As such, your product maintains its desired quality until consumption.

2. Sustainable Packaging

Today, more consumers and businesses are becoming conscious of the environment. Reflect your drive toward sustainability with 100% recyclable ice cream packaging

Ice cream containers are also highly-reusable, so consumers can store other food in the tub while taking the environment into consideration.

3. Flexible and Durable

You can personalise your ice cream packaging into your preferred size, shape, and style. Whether you want smaller tubs made for single-serving portions or a large container intended for the food service industry – ice cream plastic packaging can do just that, and more!

4. Highlights Your Brand

Make your brand stand out from the rest by conveying a consistent brand image via your ice cream packaging. For instance, brand owners can choose to use specific colours that portray their brand’s identity throughout the entire product line. 

Be creative and witness how ice cream plastic packaging benefits your brand in the long run.

5. Serves as a Marketing Strategy

In addition, reliable ice cream plastic packaging benefits your brand as it doubles as an effective marketing tactic. The eye-catching design can increase the product’s marketing possibilities, and the tub will continue to market your brand – even when the ice cream itself is long gone! 

If the customer opts to reuse the tub as a container, then the ice cream packaging can persist in conveying the brand’s printed message.

The Best Plastic Packaging Manufacturer in Business

As one of Malaysia’s leading food packaging manufacturers, Combi-Pack provides comprehensive solutions for your packaging needs. Fret not, as we are here to help you every step of the way! 

Feel free to explore our wide range of plastic food containers that are made from the latest in-mould labelling technology and with sustainability in mind. 


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