Top 3 Biscuits Plastic Packaging Benefits in Malaysia

Plastic packaging is the best type of packaging for biscuits. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, you’ll surely reap these biscuits plastic packaging benefits

In this post, we’ll get right into three biscuits plastic packaging benefits, namely in regard to performance, price, and freight.

Biscuits Plastic Packaging Benefits 

1. Astounding Performance

Plastic packaging effectively protects your vulnerable products such as biscuits from damage, securing them from getting flattened and retaining their shape. Moreover, it also prevents your biscuits from cross-contamination (dust, odours and light) and moisture. 

Compared to other materials such as paper, plastic has a lower WVTR (water vapour transmission rate), so your biscuits stay fresh for consumption. In addition, you’re able to choose from generic plastic packaging or opt for a personalised one by picking your preferred shape, size, and style to enhance the customer experience. 

You can even choose between a tight seal and a simple open frame to pack your biscuits. If your biscuits come with a dipping sauce, plastic packaging can really help secure the sauce and prevent any leaking.

2. Attractive Price

Not only that, biscuits plastic packaging benefits biscuits manufacturers in terms of price as well. Plastic packaging is extremely inexpensive and is highly economical. 

Due to its versatility and cost-effectiveness, plastic is a great material for food packaging, especially for those with lower budgets. Aside from that, plastic packaging is incredibly resource-efficient. 

To elaborate, using another packaging alternative will cost you 80% more cumulative energy demand.* As such, plastic packaging delivers significant cost savings on your energy bill.

3. Affordable Freight

Furthermore, plastic is very lightweight, which means it’s the best option when you need to transport your biscuits over great distances. 

This is because plastic packaging requires lesser storage space and is easier to transport due to its weight. To add, plastic packaging gives greater savings when it comes to transportation and shipping costs.

As a result, using plastic packaging can help in reducing carbon footprint during transportation as you can transport more products in one trip. This will then open new doors and possibilities for your business since your biscuits can now reach a wider market.

Biscuits Plastic Packaging and More

At Combi-Pack, we deliver various custom packaging solutions and products to cater to your needs. We perpetually strive to provide high-quality, innovative and reliable plastic packaging solutions by leveraging our years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the food packaging industry. 
Boost productivity and profit with our eye-catching and cost-effective biscuit containers. Our containers are made using the in-mould labelling technology to provide convenience, utmost protection, and better printing quality, all within a reasonable rate.


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