Christmas Cookies Packaging

Christmas Cookies Packaging Malaysia

Spread Joy with Sustainable Packaging

This Christmas, extend the season’s love and warmth to the planet.

Play your part in building a greener world with sustainable and eco-friendly Christmas cookies packaging, offering easy recyclability, so your customers can enjoy and share sweet Christmas tweets with their loved ones guilt-free. 

After all, Christmas is the time of giving, of sharing, and of families united.

Cookies Packaging Manufacturer

The Expert of Plastic Food Packaging

Combi-Pack is proud to be one of leading food packaging manufacturers in Malaysia.

Driven by our pursuit of excellence, we endeavour to deliver high-quality, innovative and sustainable plastic packaging solutions by leveraging our extensive expertise and state-of-the-art technology.

Sustainable X'mas Cookies Packaging

Reliable and Recyclable

Our In-Mould Labelling Biscuit Containers are made from a 100% recyclable option as both the label and plastic are made from Polypropylene (PP), classified as Mono-material.

Not only that, the cookies’ packaging will inevitably serve as a clever marketing strategy if the customer reuses the packaging.

What’s more, our PP cup is equipped with Oxygen Barrier, so your cookies will remain fresh for a longer time.

Manifest the Christmas Spirit with Our Christmas Biscuits Packaging

Revamp your packaging game with Combi-Pack’s ideal Christmas biscuits packaging.

From generic to personalised packaging, we offer reliable packaging without compromising creativity and sustainability to add value and enhance your customers’ buying experience.

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