Combi Cares

We produce plastic packaging, which makes sustainability an essential factor in our business operations.

Combi Care

Environmentally Responsible Manufacturers

Realistically, we cannot deny the benefit of Plastic Food Packaging as it is lightweight, low in carbon emission, durable and helps extend product shelf life. With this, we provide our customers with a sustainable packaging solution.

As a responsible company, we strive to use as little resources as possible by light-weighting packaging, reducing energy and water consumption, and other valuable resources.

Doing Our Part

Combi Cares is our sustainable motto. This is where our combi-cup concept and in-mould-labelling come in. Our signature Combi-Cup is designed to save up to 25% of the material used and is 100% recyclable with two main components of 100% PP with Recycled cardboard.

Also, In-Mould Labelling is a 100% recyclable option that requires no segregation, therefore creates ease for recyclers. Our products are classified as “Thin Wall Packaging” a type of packaging which uses minimal resources, thus significantly reduces carbon footprint and minimises environmental impact.

Tackling Food Wastage

Food is precious, and food wastage contributes to 11% of the global carbon footprint emission. Barrier solution helps extend the shelf life of food; in other words, prolong the food on shelf for a longer time. With an extended expiry date, we can now reduce the wastage created from expired food.

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second life

We collect all recyclable waste used within our compounds ( Paper / Plastic / Aluminium & Glass ) as a corporate practice to recycle all packaging used. We send our recyclables to a charity group.

How Can Combi Help?

If you are looking for a trusted partner who values your product and brand, reach out to us, and we will provide the right solution for you.