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Custom Designs to suit your needs

We create custom packaging that turns your ideas into reality. With a series of detailed steps, we ensure your packaging meets your expectation. A solution that focuses on enhancing production efficiency, marketing effectiveness, consumer packaging experience and sustainability.

We are dedicated to working together with our customers to bring your great product an advanced and sustainable packaging. 

Custom Packaging Malaysia

Packaging Experience Enhancement

Production efficiency solution

Special application packaging

Shelf life extension project

(O2 & Water Vapour Barrier)

In-Mould labelling capability

Combi Cup


High volume production


& Requirements

Understanding our customers’ needs and requirements will help us determine the type of design required and the packaging’s success. In this stage, our team will be required to collect some information to work in the right direction and recommend practical solutions.


Design sketches &

After performing a detailed understanding of the customer’s expectations and the facility, we will then work on sketches and CAD mock drawings to visualise your dream packaging. In some instances, customers provide us with sample or drafts, allowing us to work on it quickly and efficiently.


& Prototyping

After the approval of our drafts, we will then work on the approved draft details. We understand that not everyone will be able to picture the actual look and feel of the packaging. Hence, we offer our free 3D printing service for our customers to have an actual feel of the packaging. We recommend customers to fill their product and test its volume to verify if headspace is sufficient.



With the final design approved, we will be able to commence with commercial mould fabrication. Small projects and large projects are prioritised similarly, and with the understanding of the annual volume, we will be able to recommend a suitable mould size required for the project.


Time to shine,
with your new packaging

Enhancing packaging experience – With your new packaging, we want to help you build a story around your product which helps translate to sales by having more significant customer engagement. Enhancing your overall packaging experience from aesthetic to functionality is our main aim.

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