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Seasoning is what brings authentic flavour to an amazing dish. Details do matter, too much it will be overpowering and too little it will be too bland. The right amount of fresh herbs, seasoning and spices, makes your dish perfect. Herbs and spices are nothing new, something we have been using to flavour our food for many centuries to bring excitement into our mouth.

Packaging is one of the most challenging areas for herbs and spices, and keeping it fresh is one of the most difficult challenges. We understand that the herbs and spices’ freshness help enhance the flavours of the food to new heights. Therefore with the latest technology from Barrier In-Mould Labelling, it is very much possible to have your product fresh for a much longer time.

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Combi-Pack is one of the leading and award-winning manufacturers of high quality and innovative plastic food packaging in Malaysia.


Is plastic a good solution for such sensitive products?

With modern technology in Plastic, Herbs and Spices can reduce Oxygen transmission rate significantly through Barrier Technology. Herbs, as an organic product, are sensitive to oxygen. With barrier technology, we can achieve a longer shelf life at a fraction of the cost of other packaging material with similar properties.


Plastic packaging is being adopted by big brands and definitely a solution that can be considered a modern solution.