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Leaving a smile after a scoop.

Level up your ice cream brand with eye-catching and unique ice cream tubs that stand out from the crowd.

The ice cream market is booming from lifestyle changes and economic changes. With a year-round summer, ice cream is always our favourite dessert to go to. Countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and our neighbouring countries who sit in the equator will always prefer a cold snack on a scorching day.

Ice cream will always remain the fast-growing trend with ever-growing innovation, from low-calorie ice cream, protein ice cream to innovative flavours. A product that is suitable for children and adult to take.

Typically served in 100ml, 470ml, 1000ml, 1500ml and 6000ml, these are the standard ice cream tub sizes found in the market in Malaysia. However, different sizes are sold through various channels from B2C to B2B.

We truly recommend the In-Mould Labelling for such item, a decorative method which is truly sustainable ( 100% Recyclable and Safe ).

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