Biscuit Container Malaysia

Combi-Pack’s IML Biscuit Container: Unmatched Performance

Our in-mould labelling biscuit container is suitable for all types of biscuits, from sandwich biscuits, rolled biscuits, biscuits with dipping sauce to shortcake biscuits- you name it, we cater it!

Moreover, our premium yet cost-effective biscuit packaging has a lower WVTR (water vapour transmission rate) to ensure the product’s freshness.

Biscuit Packaging Malaysia
Biscuit Container Malaysia

More than Just a Biscuit Container

Combi-Pack’s biscuit packaging is where function and flexibility meet specific industry requirements. Soar to greater heights and breakthrough the market with our IML biscuit packaging.  

Reap the Benefits of IML Biscuit Packaging

IML stands for in-mould labelling, and the term is directly derived from its technique: the label is placed in the mould before molten plastic is injected into the mould, effectively bonding the label together with the plastic part making the packaging a 100% recyclable option.

IML packaging is tremendously advantageous, offering shorter production time, eco-friendly and hygienic design, variety of choices, and maximum print quality.

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