In-Mould Labelling

Step Decoration

Hassle-Free Decoration Method

A seamless decorative process that completes in 1 process. In-Mould-Labelling ( IML ) is a rapidly growing technology in the Southeast Asian market for almost all product categories.

With In-Mould-Labelling, the label is placed in the mould before molten plastic is injected into the mould. With the heat from the molten plastic, the label is then bonded together with the plastic part enabling a seamless one-step decorative process.

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Sustainable and Attractive Labelling

In-Mould-Labelling is a 100% recyclable option as both the label and plastic are made from Polypropylene ( PP ), classified as Mono-material.

Mono-material packaging requires no extra labour required for label removal, decorative such as stickering and shrink sleeving requires an additional process to remove material of other kinds.

Interestingly, it serves as an infinite marketing strategy if the consumer reuses the packaging. Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.

shelf life

Improved Shelf Life

With the combination of PP cup with Oxygen In-Mould-Labelling barrier, we can extend the shelf life for almost any products.

With the Oxygen Barrier technology, packaged food can now last longer while remaining fresh. The technology of Oxygen Barrier has also created more export opportunity for brand owners, reaching other countries.

Benefits of IML

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