Plastic is one of the most important material in the food packaging industry. It is lightweight, durable and extends the product shelf life due to its molecular structure and technology advancement. Truly a sustainable solution, that aims to reduce carbon footprint with innovative solutions.


From yoghurt to milk-based products, a growing category in the Malaysian Market and too our neighbouring countries. Our solutions are catered for the ever-increasing market for dairy products locally & globally.

Instant Noodles / Meal

Our packaging is made for you to consume your instant noodle leaving no burns on your fingers. Practical and sustainable packaging solution for your quick meal.


We understand biscuits is a fragile product, therefore requires total protection which our packaging offers. Our solution also helps your product extend shelf life and gives a premium look and feel.


We can't deny one of human's favourite snacks, chocolates. Chocolates are used in hotels, bakery and even directly to consumers. A solution that provides the perfect protection for your valuable products is being taken care off.

Ice Cream

Unique packaging is required for a highly competitive industry like Ice Cream. We ensure we use the right material to withstand your process and ensure that our packaging provides a total protection solution.

Herbs & Spices

A very sensitive product which requires special care. Our solution helps to enhance your product's freshness for a longer time, with the IML-Barrier capability.

Cream & Paste

From sour creams, ricotta, to pasta sauce, we have solutions catered to serve your request and a solution catered to your process. Our solution is always sustainable, convenient and aesthetically attractive.

Food Service

From industrial food-grade pails to your foodservice items. We strive to provide a sustainable and total protection solution for your highly valuable items and decorative technology that you can't resist.

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Combi-Pack is one of the leading and award-winning manufacturers of high quality and innovative plastic food packaging in Malaysia.