Instant noodles/meal made for the go.

Instant Meal Food Packaging Malaysia

Convenient, Safe, Appealing And Environmental Friendly

Our packaging ensures that your craving is served everywhere—an ever-growing market for ready-meals or instant noodles for a noodle consuming country. Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia are high noodles consuming countries with a high potential of growth for such a category with lifestyle changes for a rapidly growing economy.

Our Combi-Cup has the perfect elements to ensure hot served instant noodles are convenient everywhere on the go, practical and aesthetically effective. A cup that protects your fingers from being burnt, Combi Cup.

The convenient pack is a growing market and an innovative market. Products such as instant pasta sauce and instant porridge are products that bring convenience into our daily life. Food now takes a much shorter time to prepare as our lives are getting more and more hectic; a quick, nutritious meal for the family is definitely something every family needs.

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Combi-Pack is one of the leading and award-winning manufacturers of high quality and innovative plastic food packaging in Malaysia.


Is the packaging Microwavable & safe to consume after pouring in hot water?

Yes, however, the customer has to specify the application used for our packaging so our team can recommend the best grade and material to use for your application. For instance, to take Maggi Cup, we have worked together with Nestle to pick the most suitable packaging material that is food safe even after pouring in 100 degrees boiling water.

What is the best solution for instant noodles and hot meals?

The Combi Cup developed for the Instant Noodle & other hot serving products like Spaghetti sauce and instant Mac & Cheese. With the specially designed ribs, you can now pick up your product from the microwave directly without burning your fingers. The ribs and cardboard act as an insulator, reducing the heat transmitted from the cup to the fingers.