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Butter Container

Durable, Premium-quality, and Eco-friendly

At Combi-Pack, we understand the needs and concerns of the F&B industry. Our top-of-the-line food service packaging is designed to cater to a large volume of food supply, delivering best-of-the-class performance, excellent durability, and practising mindful packaging for your products.

Elevate your business with our unique and innovative food service solution.

Combi-Pack’s Butter Container: Improve Safety and Speed

We aim to give you nothing short of the best quality food packaging services, offering easy cleaning and drying to comply with food safety requirements.

Our In-Mould Labelling provides a smooth surface finish and hassle-free decoration method since the label would be bonded together with the plastic part of the container.

In return, there would be no need for extra labour such as stickering or shrink sleeving, allowing maximum productivity and speeding up processes.

Your Ideal Large-size
Butter Container

Start a smart investment and get your butter container from Combi-Pack, Malaysia’s prominent food service packaging manufacturer. 

We strive to exceed your expectations with pragmatic, multi-purpose, and compliant food service packaging that offers total protection.

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