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A truly business to business packaging requires total protection, an industry that is catered for hotels, restaurants, bakery and businesses that require a large volume of food supply. Products are delivered in large sizes, ranging from 2L up to 25L pails, with industrial-like quality to ensure that they are protected from impacts.

Chocolates, butter and margarine, are the few most common industry found in large packaging and easily accessible in bakery shops, from small to medium-sized bakeries. It is a growing market as more and more entrepreneurs start up their own bakery business that requires competitive pricing.

It is an industry that Combi-Pack is looking to provide a unique solution and help enhance the packaging experience of your customers by ensuring that the capping and lidding are easy and yet does not release easily during impact. In-Mould Labelling helps improve the tub’s feel and look to new heights and bring international standards into your packaging.

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Food Service

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Combi-Pack is one of the leading and award-winning manufacturers of high quality and innovative plastic food packaging in Malaysia.


What can Combi Pack offer in this product range?

We aim to provide our customers with value-added services. In-Mould Labelling solutions have also been adopted into our Food Service Packaging solution to help our customers remove the need to label themselves.