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Serving the yoghurt industry with premium packaging since 2007. Yoghurt industry in Malaysia is an industry which is growing and booming. A healthy snack, with the right nutrients. A snack consumed at home and on the go, and the right packaging helps create convenience for customers to enjoy your product everywhere.

A truly competitive market with various brands locally and internally. A great packaging design helps the brand stand out from the market shelves instantly and creates a competitive advantage.  

The trend towards health consciousness and high natural protein diet. An industry that is growing in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and many others. Yoghurts can also be served together with condiments such as Granola, biscuits crumbs, etc. We have the right packaging solution to turn your ideas into reality and craft a truly convenient pack for your customers.

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Combi-Pack is one of the leading and award-winning manufacturers of high quality and innovative plastic food packaging in Malaysia.