5 Essential Instant Noodles Packaging Benefits in Malaysia

Food packaging, such as instant noodles packaging, undergoes continual improvement to cater to the needs of both manufacturers and consumers. In this article, we explore five main instant noodles packaging benefits in Malaysia.

Instant Noodles Packaging Benefits in Malaysia

According to the World Instant Noodles Association (WINA), Malaysia ranked 13th in global instant noodles consumption. This means that a lot of instant noodles packaging is produced to suit the local demand.

Without further ado, let’s start discussing the significance of plastic packaging.

Increase Shelf Life

Shelf life is a vital consideration in assuring the look, taste, and overall quality of instant noodles. Our innovative packaging solution extends the shelf life of your product, ensuring your food remains suitable for consumption.

Furthermore, plastic instant noodles packaging helps to retain the texture of the noodles for a longer period of time. With our innovative packaging solution (case-by-case basis), you will be able to extend your shelf life up to 3x.

Eye-Catching Packaging

At Combi-Pack, we provide in-mould labelling (IML) services to ensure a sustainable and seamless labelling experience. Our affordable in-mould labels are barrier- and water-resistant to offer better product protection.

Engaging IML services allows you to optimise your resources and save time due to the elimination of the post-labelling operation. Also, in-mould labels are more durable than other forms of labelling as they are scratch- and heat-resistant.

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Lightweight and Convenient

The desire for portability is constantly rising, and we strive to cater to consumers’ demands. With today’s increasing pace of life, our instant noodles packaging benefits customers who are always on the go with convenient packaging anytime, anywhere. 

Even better, the Combi cup is meticulously designed to be at its optimum weight, ensuring the highest standards of sustainability and functionality. 

We have a wide range of on-the-go packaging solutions, complete with a hygienic spoon or fork. In addition, the light and compact packaging enable manufacturers to store and transport more products in one go easily.


Being able to withstand high heat is one of our most significant instant noodles packaging benefits. We use durable food-grade materials, enabling customers to safely cook the noodles with boiling water. 

Your safety is our top priority, and we work hard to ensure utmost customer safety with robust packaging. Our reliable instant noodles packaging solutions prevent leaks and protect your fingers from getting burned.

Environmentally Friendly

As a sustainable packaging solutions provider, we endeavour to reduce packaging waste and support better shipping and stocking. Hence, we ensure that our plastic instant noodles packaging is reusable and easily recyclable.

Both our instant noodles packaging and label are made from the same material, Polypropylene (PP). Therefore, our packaging solution is completely recyclable, from the manufacturing process to post-consumer use. 

Moreover, we designed the sleeves of our Combi cup packaging to be easily removable. This provides convenience for recyclers, as little to no segregation is required.

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A Smart Solution for Noodle Cup  – The Combi Concept

Made with internal ribs and a recycled cardboard sleeve, our instant noodles packaging is guaranteed to look good without compromising functionality. Combining cardboard with smartly designed ribs, our packaging provides excellent insulation and prevents consumers’ fingers from getting burnt.

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Malaysia’s Leading Instant Noodles Packaging Manufacturer

Combi-Pack offers comprehensive solutions and a wide range of packaging products to meet consumers’ demands in the food packaging industry. 

We provide not only packaging for instant noodles but also other industries such as dairy, biscuits, and chocolate. Explore our services and get sustainable packaging solutions tailored to your business needs.


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